P.O. Box 215

Weaver, AL 36277

East Alabama Code Officials Association

EACOA Presidents

2021 Rusty Taylor- City of Lineville

2019 Brian Harbison - City of Gadsden

2016 Mark Williams - City of Jacksonville

2015 Chris Callahan - City of Oxford

2014 Paul Gray - City of Albertville/Brian Greer-City of Gadsden

2013 David F. Bryant - City of Jacksonville 

2012 Tana Bryant - City of Anniston 

2011 Christopher Callahan - City of Oxford 

2010-Mark Williams - City of Jacksonville

2009-Brent Brewer - City of Gadsden

2008-Brian Greer - City of Gadsden

2007-Todd Betts - City of Alexander City

2006-Gerald Gregory - City of Glencoe

2005-Charles McAlpine - Town of Riverside

2004-Mike Roberts - City of Oxford

2003-Jim Kilgro - City of Gadsden

2002-Carl Hinton - City of Piedmont

2001-Dennis Bublitz - City of Anniston

2000-Paul Gray - City of Boaz

1999-Aaron Garner - City of Oxford

1998-Brian Harbison - City of Gadsden 

Newest Members