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Aaron J. Garner

Scholarship Award Application

This Scholarship Award for the 2021 Education Year

 Application Deadline:  April 30, 2021

 Education Committee Chairman



Action of the Education Committee



Approved __________                  Denied __________


Application Received By:  __________________________

                                 Date:  __________________________

Notice of Applicant:  Please review thoroughly the *Instruction to Applicant and the *Criteria of Qualifications sections of this application.



Application Form


Aaron J. Garner 


EACOA Scholarship Award


Date:  _____________


Name: ___________________________________________________________

                    (First)                              (Middle)                          (Last)


Home Address: _______________________________________________

       (Number)                 (Street)


          (City)                                        (State)                            (Zip)


E-mail Address:  ______________________________________________


Date of Birth_____/_____/________                   


Applicant's Present Occupation: _________________________________

Name of Employer: ____________________________________________

Address of Emp:______________________________________________

Are you related to a member of the East Alabama Code Officials

Association?  _________________________________________________

Who is the EACOA member?  ________________________________ 


How are you related?  ______________________________________

Employer and title of the EACOA member:  ____________________________________________________________

Have you or an immediate family member received a scholarship award from this organization before?__________________________________

If so, who? ___________________________________________________

When? _________________________________________________


In the space below, write a brief paragraph explaining how a formal education will enhance your life.









If you have any additional information or a statement, which you feel will assist the committee in reaching a favorable decision on this application, please list below.  (Use additional page if necessary.)








Have you received or are you receiving any other scholarships, grants, awards, or other financial assistance:  If so, please indicate by Title and






EACOA Scholarship Fund Application to Applicant:

1.  This application has been prepared as a frank and friendly means of obtaining necessary information regarding the applicant, and the applicant is required to give all information requested.

2.  Before filling in the application, draft your answers on an extra application form, which you may retain as your file copy and work sheet.  No consideration will be given to a carelessly prepared or incomplete application.

3.  Every question and statement must be answered and submitted.  Do not answer any question with a check mark.  If the answer is "none" or "not applicable", it should be so stated.  If spaces are inadequate for some answers, use a separate sheet.

4.  Answers must be legible.

5.  Mail to:  East Alabama Code Officials Association, PO Box 215, Weaver, AL 36277, or you may hand deliver your application to any EACOA member.  The application must be received no later than March 31st.  Please include the following:

             *The application fully completed and signed*

*An up to date copy of your high school or college transcript of academic record.

*ACT or SAT scores.

*Evidence of acceptance by, or attendance at an accredited junior or senior college, University or Trade School.

Criteria of Qualification of Student Applicants:

The Scholarship Committee may establish reasonable and operable procedures and qualifications for determining the selection of the student considered as the recipient of the grant from the Scholarship Fund, provided not in conflict with guidelines herein stated, and as follows:

1. The student applicant shall be the son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter of a living, or deceased, active or retired member of the East Alabama Code Officials Association.  The EACOA member shall be a member in good standing for one year prior to the Scholarship application.

2. The applicant's grade average must be C or better.

3. The applicant should posses qualities of good character and integrity.

4.  A record of evidence of satisfactory scholastic of school grades, ability, ambition and desire for continuance of education shall be submitted.

5. The fund granted may be utilized by a student for continuation to succeeding year or years upon satisfactory academic progress, subject to review by the committee.  The maximum number of years that funds may be granted a student is four years.  All students desiring continuation of funding must make application each year, using this form (as updated annually). 

I solemnly affirm to the correctness of the information supplied in this application and that I have thoroughly read and understand the *Instructions to Applicant and the &Criteria of Qualifications as transmitted herewith.  If the grant is provided, I agree and promise to use it for no other purpose that as set forth in this document.




Applicant's Signature


                                                                                                ______________________________                                                                                    Date